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October 29, 2006

It finally snowed. Real stick-to-the-ground snow. Enough snow to shovel. Enough snow to make me put away my sandals. I'm even wearing a jacket again - well, most of the time anyway.

Had a visit this weekend from Patrick McLeod - my 2002 National Poetry Slam teammate. He was back in town from college in Madison, WI, where he's going after his Ph.D in something-or-another. He came by the house to look through the records I have for sale.




Patrick displays the gatefold of Led Zeppelin IV while Chris shows off a Philly cheese steak he bought at Milano's around the corner.

Of all the things I'm selling, my record collection has been the hardest to part with. I die a little inside every time I hand over one of my old vinyl records - whether it's the Kool & the Gang album I got in junior high as part of the "12 for a penny" deal or Bobby Darin's 1956 debut LP I found last year at the Salvation Army. My records are my babies. I love them all. *sniff*

The best sale of last week though had to be the one dollar bill I sold on eBay for $52.00! It was a misprinted bill that I found in circulation a couple years ago. Fifty-two smackaroos! Plus shipping and handling. If I only had a hundred more of 'em...



October 20, 2006

I was supposed to be in Barrow today - the northernmost town in the US,  hundreds of miles north of the Arctic Circle. For years, Barrow has been at the top of my list of places in Alaska I wanted to visit. 

Yesterday, I got a last minute assignment to be a lighting assistant for a campaign commercial that's shooting there today. But the ad agency was unable to secure a return flight for me so I ended up staying in Anchorage. Oh well, not making it to Barrow is just one more regret to throw on my ever growing pile.

I'd also hoped to return to Homer before I left Alaska. Homer is easily my favorite place on the entire planet. Unfortunately, the whole town now stinks of Lt. Col. Douchebag  (we often talked about moving there). 

The last time I went to Homer was two years ago. I made that trip alone, but Lt. Col. Douchebag actually had the nerve to ask me to go to a real estate agency and look at houses for sale. I spent much of an afternoon talking to a local real estate agent and the rest of the weekend imagining how happy I would be living in Homer.

Of course, this was before I found out Lt. Col. Douchebag was lying to me about being divorced and that he never had any intention of marrying me or moving back to Alaska. Why the bastard would ask me to look at properties for sale, I'll never understand. 

Perhaps it is for the best that I didn't go back to Homer this year. I most likely would've been depressed for the entire trip. Why drive 10 hours roundtrip to be unhappy when I could just as easily stay home and be miserable? 


Okay, moving on to something else: 


Yeah, I was going to attempt selling my belongings through this website, but that proved to be a monumental pain in the ass. Instead, I've been putting most of it on eBay. I've only got a handful of stuff on sale at the moment, but am constantly adding more. You can check out my auctions HERE.



October 14, 2006

I rolled over this morning and gazed out the window at blue sky and the tops of naked trees basking in the sun. I thought "Ahhh...another beautiful, unseasonably warm, fall day in Spenard."

Earlier this week, temps soared to the high 60s. I heard they hit 70 on the east side. Pussy willows were budding and the mountain snow was melting  away. You could easily forget it was October in Alaska.

But this morning was a rude reminder that we are indeed on the ass-end of autumn. When I finally dragged myself out of bed and stood at the window, I saw everything was covered in frost - including my car windows (scrape scrape scrape scrape).

Alas, I knew this was coming. And I shouldn't really complain since I'm not  here for winter's duration. Besides, I'll be bitching about the weather enough next month as I drive across Alaska, the Yukon Territories and British Columbia - spending the cold nights trying sleep in the driver's seat of a Mitsubishi Gallant. Yes, there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth come then.


This past week I was pleased with the progress my knee was making. It took more than a month, but the wound finally scabbed over. Yeah, that's kinda gross but, believe me, it was much more disgusting when it kept leaking through my jeans. It doesn't hurt so much anymore (except when I'm being my normal klutzy self and I bang it into something).

But before I could properly celebrate not having to amputate my leg, disaster struck Rancho Spenardo again - this time in the form of Angela flying off her bike and kissing the pavement.

Angela is fine, but her bike helmet was DOA.


Until I get around to updating the links page, here's one to Gene Dugan & Jay Brause's blog. Follow their adventures as they travel the globe.



October 9, 2006

I almost got my picture in the Sunday paper yesterday. 

At least Angela got most of her face in the picture (top right corner), whereas I look like Gene's parasitic twin. 

You can read the Anchorage Daily News' story about the party here and the interview with Gene & Jay here.

Saturday was the opening reception for Year Of The Dog: A Celebration of our Canine Companions at the Girdwood Center for Visual Arts. Angela had a piece in the exhibit so we drove down to Girdwood to check out the art and free food. 

We stopped to snap a couple photos at Beluga Point, but it was a little windy.

 It was also a full moon that evening, which may explain why I'm a werewolf.


October 2, 2006

Oh, it feels so good to be social again! It's been far too long since I've put on heels, a little black dress and sparkly earrings.

Saturday night was the big farewell sendoff for Gene Dugan & Jay Brause, the masterminds behind Out North Contemporary Art House for the last two decades. Their going away party was a $100-a-plate dinner party at the Anchorage Art  Museum.

The guest list was an interesting - if weird - mix of politicos, bigwig moneybags and artists.

Mayor Mark Begich addresses the party

                             Jay & I                                                           Jill Bess & Gene


                      Danni & BMac                                                       B. Hutton


Richard Benavides and the men of the hour

We were encouraged to wear red. Not having anything suitable, I hightailed it to Salvation Army the day before where I found a fabulous bright red coat with shiny gold buttons and a furry black collar for only $15.

Not quite as big a score as the free ticket I got for the event, but a nice find nonetheless. My friend, Lisa, bought a ticket but ended up being out of town, so she kindly gave it to me. My luck got even better when Jay Brause kindly produced a second ticket so I didn't have to go stag.



Gene & ten Under 30 artists (including yours truly, in the back on the left)


Out North board members, past & present


Where Gene & Jay are going

After this shindig, my bon voyage party is  going to look like pretty small potatoes. By the way, my party is on Saturday, November 11th, and will NOT cost $100 per person. Save the date!




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