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March 22, 2006

Okay, so now even the calendar agrees with me about it being spring. I wore flip-flops today - something I certainly couldn't do if it weren't spring.  So why is there still so much freakin' snow? I'm so done with snow. Please make it stop! You'd think I was in Alaska or something.

I treat winter like any other problem in my life: I deny it's existence. Like all of life's little problems, it will eventually disappear if you ignore it long enough. It's not a great life philosophy, but it's all I got.

My boss is on vacation. I've been all alone in the studio for almost three weeks and my big dream has been to scrub and polish the lobby floor. Damn. I remember when I used to have really cool dreams. Dreams that - if they took place in an empty recording studio - would be about way cooler things than scrubbing the floor. Unless "scrubbing the floor" is a euphemism for something really dirty.

Back in the day, when I was still working in Hollywood, my boss and two immediate supervisors all went on vacation around the same time. It just so happened that all three absences overlapped on my birthday - which fell on a Saturday night.

Me and my friend took over an entire building of rehearsal studios and invited a couple hundred close friends and total strangers to help me celebrate my birthday. There were lots of bands. I remember Urban Artillery and I Monster. Pretty sure Wafflebutt played too - but who can be sure all these years after the fact?  I do remember getting up on stage with Alex from the Nymphs and singing "I Wanna Be Your Dog." Lee Ving from Fear even showed up.

Now, closing in on my 40s, the craziest thing I do when the boss is gone is bring my cat to work. My, my, my...how times change.


Anyone hoping to move to ground zero Spenard is in luck. There are many openings available right now in the neighborhood:

Jim & Shayla will soon be renting out their adorable little bungalow across the street from Rancho Spenardo. They also have a vacant lot for sale on the next street over for someone wanting to build from scratch.

The place next to the Hell's Angels' clubhouse is also for sale.

Another place for sale, conveniently located directly across the street from Rancho Spenardo, is the legendary Spenard partyhouse, Disgraceland.

This ramshackle duplex was once home to me and the Ratboy - as well as dozens of hangers on - and the rehearsal space for Ratboy's heavy metal band, Infinite Strength. We always suspected it  was built on top of an ancient Indian burial ground. You might wanna sit down before you hear the price.



No, really. I mean it. You should sit down for this.



Apparently, the asking price for this small Spenard lot with a slapdash pipeline boom-era duplex next to a trailer park is $199,000!


Uh....what the fuck? Who would pay 200 grand for that piece of crap? I mean, I know property values have been rising in this town, but 200 grand? That's crazy talk. 

I won't even tell you what the municipality assessed Rancho Spenardo at. It would blow your mind to know what the muni thought this broken-down shotgun house & old homestead cabin was worth.


In the midst of writing this update, Jim (of the bungalow-across-the-street for rent) stopped by with a delivery of salmon and blueberries - staying for a talk about what to do with my Alabama property.  Jim's built a lot of really nice houses out of scrap crap - so his input to this project is invaluable.


I got lots of good info out of him before he disappeared into the Spenard night. If only I could take him to 'Bama with me...

Another amazing thing Jim brought by was the covenant from our original Spenard  subdivision. 




March 4, 2006

I know I kept saying it was spring. Even when it was only 1 degree outside, I insisted it was just a "cold spring." Yes friends, I've been in denial. It is not spring yet. But I refuse to admit that it's still winter. Instead, I will concede that it is now "breakup." For those of you on the outside, breakup is a whole 'nother season up here. Not winter, not spring - but an ugly, messy time when the snow and ice retreat to reveal a dusty brown landscape littered with fast food containers and dog poop land mines.

But we're up to 10 hours and 43 minutes of daylight and gaining over 5 minutes a day. Spring is coming. You can't stop it.

Got up this morning at the crack of ten to watch the start of the Iditarod. It's been over a decade since I've seen it - and since this may be my last chance , I grabbed the camera and headed downtown.



Got to Fourth Avenue just as Rachel Scdoris was getting ready to take off. Made a beeline for Brian Hutton's apartment - not only could I watch the race from his kitchen, he also had tasty rice & shrimp left over from his Mardi Gras party.


But I had to go back to street level if I was to get a look at the true stars of the show: the dogs.




















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