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August 17, 2006

It's a good thing I upped the bandwidth around here. A whole new weird traffic stream has arrived  - specifically on this page. It's just a brief overview of the qwest to find my family's 19th-century cemetery, a link to my geneaology info and a few pictures - such as this one of my great-grandfather's brother, John Karr.

Well, it turns out that there's another John Karr from the same part of the south as my John Karr. Only this new John Karr is the guy who's confessed to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. There's lots of people out there doing internet searches on the guy right now and they keep finding Rancho Spenardo.

I bet we're cousins


The rain held out and we shot the commercial yesterday in Chugach State Park. We were quite the sight: a small band of cavemen hiking towards Flat Top. Not exactly the sort of wildlife the tourists were expecting to see.



August 16, 2006

OVERNIGHTERS! This Saturday and Sunday! Only $10.

I'm only performing on Sunday, but I'll be in the audience on Saturday.

In case you're unfamiliar with Overnighters, here it is in a nutshell: Short plays are written, rehearsed and performed all within the span of 24 hours.


Alaska Overnighters #9

8:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at the Wendy Williamson Auditorium

Only $10!!!


4 short plays written by Brendan Babb, Arlitia Jones, 

Mark Robokoff, & Schatzie Schaefers


Directed by Megan Bladow, Erin Dagon, 

Dawson Moore & Jill Yarbrough


Cast includes Peter Banks, Lesley Borkowski, Paul Brynner, Jackie Carr, Tyler Collins, Frank Delaney, Todd Glidewell, Michelle Hart, Morgan Hobkirk, Jodi Hughes, Forrest Lee, Cameron McKay, John McKay, Ernie Piper, Jessie Scholz, Aaron Wiseman, Whitney Wright


Call 677-PLAY (7529) for more information or to reserve seats.



Weather permitting, I should have another acting gig this evening - my very first television commercial. I'm playing a cavewoman. Don't laugh, a gig's a gig - and this one actually pays.


It's an outdoor shoot and it got cancelled yesterday on account of rain. If we don't shoot tonight, it'll be in a couple weeks. 


I was going through a box of papers last night that's been sitting in my closet for years. All part of the sorting process where I decide what to keep. Being an incurable packrat, I save everything. One of the favorite things I found yesterday was this drawing somebody did of me and my friend, Sara. I don't remember who drew it but it definitely came from the old D Street Cafe circa 1999.


Of course, that's when it all began that people started thinking that Sara & were lovers. The mistake was understandable: We hung out alot, went on vacation together, dressed up in matching Halloween costumes,  went to the Gay Pride festival to counter-protest the crazy Fred Phelps people and wound up on the cover of the local GLBT magazine.

Really, we're just friends.




August 14, 2006

I was out in the yard yesterday trying to catch a glimpse of the Blue Angels racing across Rancho Spenardo's airspace when found a huge pile of shit - the likes of which I've never seen in Spenard. It actually  frightened me. I ran inside the house and peered out all the windows, looking for a bear.

A bear? In the heart of Spenard? Nah. Couldn't be.

It was a huge pile. Couldn't possibly be from a dog. Didn't look anything like moose poop. But it didn't smell bad enough to be from a bear. Is there a Holstein on the loose?

It took me a while to realize that it really did come from a moose. The same moose, in fact, that had spent last Thursday camped out in the yard with her two calves.  It turns out that the moose had diarrhea. I found a couple of these foul piles in front of the house - who knows how many are lurking elsewhere around the ranch.

Normally, moose poop is pretty easy to clean up - like pellets of compressed sawdust. But this....this is something quite different. I'm not putting the picture on the front page (yes, I took a picture of it), but if you really want to see, click HERE.

To compare it to healthy moose poop, click HERE.


Saturday night was Emily Meehan's going away party. She's now in New York City trying to land a journalistic assignment in some crazy dangerous part of the world. Spenard misses her already...


It was at her party that I accidentally backed into a citronella candle and set my hair on fire. Until then, I'd managed to go 20 years without setting my hair on fire. Guess I'm getting a haircut this week.

Some of my long-time friends will remember that fateful day I lost my bangs and an eyebrow while playing with fire in the college cafeteria. I was showing off a trick that was pretty cool when performed properly - but horrifying and smelly when done wrong.


In other news: Rancho Spenardo has upgraded to a plan with more bandwidth. No more worries about the site going down due to all the extra traffic. Yay!



August 9, 2006

I asked myself this morning: Is there anything cuter than baby moose  cavorting in the garden?



But then I got home from work and discovered something even cuter: Baby moose drinking from a fresh puddle with their momma.



August 8, 2006

Check it out!  Jailbait Jackie circa 1985:


When I was seventeen, it was a very good year...

Look at that eyeliner! I used a black Sharpie marker because it lasted for days on end and never smeared. 

Muchas gracias to Kozicki (The Birdman of MCC) for hanging onto that picture for 20 years. You made my day.

And a big hearty hug goes out to Lou for giving me a place to host some of these photos while Rancho Spenardo's bandwidth goes through the roof.



August 6, 2006

Tomorrow is my 38th birthday and I can't help but reflect on what a rollercoaster the last 12 months have been.

On the up side:

It's been a banner year for artistic endeavors. I wrote and performed a two-week run of my one-woman show, Searching For Shade, as part of Out North Theater's Under 30 series. I was cast in Just Like Julia, which played for three  weeks at Out North Theater as well as the Last Frontier Theater Conference in Valdez. I even landed one final Alaskan acting gig in Overnighters at UAA later this month.

I located my family's pioneer homestead which had been lost and forgotten for almost 80 years. After years of repeatedly being told that I would never find it, I traipsed through the Alabama woods last August in the 100-degree heat to discover remnants of their house and farm as well as the cemetery that contained the  graves of my great-great-great-great-grandparents. My childhood dream of being an archaeologist is alive and well.

On the down side:

My cat, Marley, was diagnosed with cancer. That whole whole ordeal cost $1200 and left me nothing to show for it except a really skinny, dead cat.

The disappearance of my old friend, Patrick McDermott - and the ensuing drama of "did he or didn't he fake his own death?" that played out in the tabloids - also took it's toll on my mood.

Undoubtedly, the biggest downer was being pre-emptively dumped by my boyfriend, Tom Hibbs, after he realized I was on the verge of figuring out he'd been married the entire time. Yeah...it's hard to beat that one. I'm still reeling.

And then there's my upcoming move to the 29 acres I'm inheriting in Alabama. Could be good - could be bad. Only time will tell if a yankee, liberal, atheist, drunken city girl can make a home in a Southern, rural, Baptist, Republican, dry county.  At the very least, it'll give me shit to write about.

Can you believe that I originally turned down the free land in Alabama because Tom said he wanted to buy us a house in Alaska? Jesus! Yes, I actually believed he was going to sell his house in San Diego. Of course, that was before I knew he had a wife who still owned half of it. Even after I agreed to take over the land, he still made me believe that we would be sharing it.


Here's hoping that, in my 38th year, I'm not so fucking gullible.



August 2, 2006

The annual studio party fundraiser at Sheila Wyne's was a resounding success. The party had it all: beer, wine, BBQ, live music, a trebuchet, a puppet show and even a state senator.


Since I'm in the process of selling almost everything I own to finance my move to Alabama in a few months, I brought a bunch of my stuff and held an impromptu  garage sale out of the trunk of my car. I pocketed $150 in an hour.

Some happy customers:


I still have a bunch of stuff in the car so, if you see me around town, be sure to ask about the junk in my trunk.






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