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August 5, 2005

Ah.....good ol' Spenard.

So this morning, I'm puttering around the house getting ready for work when I look out the window and see four men dressed in military-like gear jogging down the road in tight formation. One of them is carrying a long dog-catcher pole and the first thing that pops into my not-yet awake mind is "That's a little overkill for animal control."

So I grab my camera and head out to the front yard for a better look. That's when I notice cop cars blocking the road and I hear an amplified voice yell "Anchorage Police Department! We have a search warrant for 3508 Dorbrandt Street, Apartment One!"

Yeah, these are the same neighbors that many of you have heard me complaining about for months. Worst...neighbors...EVAR!

There was a quick, bright flash and the sound of breaking glass. Dogs were barking and the guys in green were yelling alot. A cloud of smoke drifted from the apartment as one of the green guys ran around the perimeter of the building.

After capturing a little of the hubbub on video and getting a couple still photos, I realized that my camera was in serious need of recharging. DAMN! I had the chance to get so many great photos - including three or four of the apartment residents being dragged out of the apartment in their boxer shorts and getting stuffed into separate police cars. Oh man, the pictures I could've posted....


I called the news department at KTVA, the CBS affiliate that is just around the corner from Rancho Spenardo. I told them what was happening and the woman at the news desk said that she had just talked to the cops and they told her nothing was happening. Apparently, it was too difficult for someone from KTVA to drive a block & a half away to see if anything was really going on or not.

A couple hours later, I called KTVA again from work and told them I had some footage of the raid if they were going to be doing a story on it. They said the cops assured them that nothing interesting had happened and that it was a routine search warrant. I explained that this building had a history of problems (some of you may remember when the meth lab exploded there last summer) and that this morning the place was crawling with uniformed cops, plainclothes cops, DEA agents and flash-grenade-throwing guys in military-green. Hardly routine, even for Spenard.

Hmmmmm.....and people wonder why KTVA is last in the news ratings. Damn ghetto douchebags. But I have a soft spot for underdogs which is why I called them first.

But since KTVA apparently can't recognize a news story, even when it happens in their own backyard, I called the local NBC affiliate. These are the people who really know how to put together a news program.

I don't know if KTUU will use it or not. They asked me to send over the footage and said they were going to call the police to find out what happened.

Maybe it will end up on the evening news, maybe not. But at least KTUU thought it was worth taking a look at. The ghetto crew at KTVA apparently thinks this sort of thing is just "routine" for Spenard. Of course this is the same station that just last night devoted time to a story about a lady who had her dog stolen from outside a supermarket. Yeah, that's sure breaking news, you freakin' idiots.


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